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Quick Risk Matrix Help

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Quick Risk Matrix is a program to facilitate the design of risk matrices. It enables you to construct risk matrices quickly and accurately, and to export them to various file formats.

This help file explains the concepts needed to use Quick Risk Matrix effectively.

Visit our blog for additional information on risk matrix design.


Online and Local Help


Quick Risk Matrix comes with both online and local help files. These are accessed via the Help item on the main menu.

The Windows and Mac versions of the program link to the same online help system.

The local help on a Windows system is in the form of a .CHM file. In case the operating system settings prevent running .CHM files, a User Manual in PDF format is also provided and may be found in the Windows Start menu.

On a Mac, the local help is in the form of an Apple Help Book.

The online help may be updated more frequently than the local help. Online help may be updated at any time while local help will only be updated when an update to the software as a whole is issued.